Coronavirus outbreak in Japan: more than 3 thousand cases per day

Today, on December 12, more than three thousand new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Japan for the first time. For a long time, the country managed to contain the epidemic, but for a month the rate of COVID-19 infection has exceeded two thousand cases per day.

Reported by Reuters.

Today, 3,041 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in Japan, in particular, 621 in the capital Tokyo.

The country is an ideal springboard for infection: it is home to many elderly people, there are huge and densely populated megacities, Tokyo has close ties with China and other Asian states.

In total, during the pandemic in Japan, 171,542 cases of infection were recorded, 2,502 people died.

Recall that in Japan in October, more people died due to suicides than from complications of COVID-19 in all of 2020.

In addition, the Japanese government wants to cover the costs associated with compensation for the damage to the health of local residents caused by the possible side effects of the coronavirus vaccines.

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