Princes William and Harry have accused the BBC of involvement in the death of Princess Diana

Princes William and Harry have accused the BBC of involvement in the death of Princess Diana

According to the results of the investigation, it turned out that the journalist Martin Bashir tricked Princess Diana into giving him an interview in which she told about the infidelities of Prince Charles. Diana’s sons believe that this interview greatly shook the princess’s mental balance and subsequently led to her death.

In 1995, Princess Diana gave an interview to the BBC’s Panorama program, in which she spoke publicly for the first time about her depression, her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles, and his infidelities. The interview caused a wide response, as protocol prohibits members of the royal family from sharing details of their personal lives. The consequences were not long in coming — a year after the release of the interview, Charles and Diana divorced. A year later, the princess was killed in a car accident.

Even today, almost 26 years later, this interview is causing a lot of controversy and speculation — not because of the strict rules of protocol, but because the interviewer Martin Bashir tricked Lady Di into giving him this interview. This is the conclusion reached by Lord Dyson, the former Keeper of the Scrolls of Great Britain. He conducted a six-month and found that Bashir had lied three times to get Diana interviewed and that the BBC was aware of it.

The confirmed that Bashir had ordered fake bank checks, which showed that Diana was allegedly being followed at the request of members of the British royal family. As a result of the work of the Lord Dyson commission, the Panorama program was stripped of all awards, and the BBC made an official apology to the royal family.

“Martin Bashir psychologically destroyed Diana and drove her to paranoia, telling her that the royal family wanted to destroy her and that she could not be trusted by staff and friends,” said Lady Di’s friend Simone Simmons. — I have no doubt that Diana would still be alive if she hadn’t given the interview to Bashir.”

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