Portugal: people were deprived of a weekend!

From Monday, Portugal has new restrictions related to the  epidemic. On weekdays, it is forbidden to leave the home from 11 pm to 5 am, and on weekends, the ban begins to operate from 1 pm.

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With such a soft lockdown, the government is trying to counteract the increase in the number of diseases without completely curtailing the economy and everyday life. Portuguese media represent the full spectrum of reactions, from outrage to sarcasm.

And when to live?

After a hard-working week, people are also deprived of their days off, Publico does not hide his indignation:

“Yes, we admit that we will have to make some sacrifices, but there are various options! We cannot put up with the fact that we are deprived of the weekend, that is, the opportunity to spend leisure time with our family, quietly go shopping (and not only for food), in other words, with the fact that we are deprived of life itself — that is, the time that so means a lot to all of us. We are being deprived of the time that we all need so badly — including in order to accept the restrictions imposed by the COVID. In such a situation, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that the government made the worst possible decision. Such measures will not do anything in terms of reducing the rate of infection with COVID, but they can easily destroy the economy (the restaurant business is already on its way) and the mental health of the country’s residents.”

It’s better to have a good drink

Comedian Ricardo Araujo Pereira pokes fun at the Portuguese government’s attempts to find a middle ground in the fight against the pandemic. In the pages of Visao, he writes:

“The country is faced with a difficult choice: either to die of the disease in the absence of restrictions or to perish from restrictions, because the economy is stopped. To be honest, at the sight of these two options, I tend to get a good drink. … Instead of closing everything (as in March) or leaving it open, the government ventured into a hybrid solution, which does not completely choke us, but does not allow us to breathe freely. It seems obvious to me that here we are dealing with a clear case of asphyxiophilia on the part of the government. … The authorities are trying to impose on the whole country love for the practice of the so-called autoerotic strangulation. To be honest, I don’t know what to think.”

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