In Italy, coronavirus was first detected in a dog

In Italy, where an extended quarantine is in force, doctors for the first time detected a new coronavirus in a dog’s body. The owners took the smears from the poodle and sent them to the laboratory.

This is reported by the La Repubblica edition.

All four family members with whom the pet lives have reportedly been confirmed to have coronavirus.

The first positive result in the dog was obtained on November 5, and subsequently, it was confirmed several times. It is noted that the animal has no symptoms of infection. This means that the dog cannot infect.

As doctors note, even if a dog is infected, the virus is present in its body in small quantities, “the risk of infection from dogs or cats is practically zero.”

Earlier it was reported that special quarantine restrictions are being introduced in the north-east of Denmark due to the mutation of the coronavirus in animals on mink farms.

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