Peed in the cup. In Canada, the deputy arranged a “show” for colleagues via video link

Peed in the cup. In Canada, the deputy arranged a “show” for colleagues via video link

A member of the same party of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trud during a video conference in parliament urinated in a cup, it was noticed by colleagues

A month ago, the politician appeared in front of the camera completely naked.

A member of the Canadian Parliament from the Liberal Party of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, William Amos, who appeared completely naked in front of colleagues during a video conference in April, again got into a scandal. Now the parliamentarian in front of his colleagues urinated in a cup.

This is reported by CNN.

William Amos said that the incident occurred on Wednesday, May 26, when he was virtually present at a meeting of the House of Commons.

“I was urinating, not realizing that I was in front of the camera. Although it was an accident, it was absolutely unacceptable and I apologize. I am deeply embarrassed by my actions and the suffering they may have caused to anyone who witnessed this, “ the MP wrote on Twitter.

The politician added that he would temporarily stop performing his duties and seek help — although he did not specify what kind of help.

Recall that on April 14, during a virtual parliamentary session, William Amos appeared naked in front of the camera. Other parliamentarians managed to take a of him.

Then Amos said that the camera accidentally turned on when he changed into work clothes after a jog.

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