In the waters of Indonesia, a passenger liner caught fire

In the waters of Indonesia, a passenger liner caught fire

In the east of Indonesia, a passenger liner caught fire right in the sea. There were 200 people on board the ship.

This is reported by ABC News.

The passenger liner was sailing from Ternate in North Maluku Province to Santana in the Sula Islands. There were 181 passengers and 22 crew members on board.

According to preliminary information, the fire of the ship could have started in the engine room. Its causes are still unknown.

As a result, all passengers and crew of the liner had to be evacuated. The people were rescued and brought safely to a nearby village. There were no reports of injuries, burns, or fatalities.

The network actively publishes videos from the scene of the event. It shows that black smoke has formed around the burning liner. People were provided with life jackets. And as you can see in the footage, many took advantage of this and jumped off the burning liner. They were picked up by lifeboats, which then took the passengers to land.

Recall, off the coast of Sri Lanka, an occurred on a container ship. As a result, the crew members were injured.

Earlier it was reported that a bus with people was blown up in Afghanistan. It was used to transport university teachers. There are wounded and dead.

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