Matteo Renzi lawsuit Report: “Orchestrated affair, checks are needed”

Matteo Renzi lawsuit Report: “Orchestrated affair, checks are needed”

After the service aired on Report last May 3, Matteo Renzi decided to sue the Rai3 broadcast conducted by Sigrido Ranucci and which broadcast the images of a meeting of the leader of Italia Viva with an Italian 007 before the fall of the former Prime Minister. The report entitled “Babbi e Spie” shows a meeting which took place on 23 December 2020 between Renzi and Marco Mancini on the motorway apron of the Fiano Romano motorway restaurant.

“This news — reads the complaint — is said to have reached the Report e-mail box on 12 April, about four months later, and was sent by a teacher who would have been ‘accidentally’ on the spot and who would have turned a video and taking photos and that he would finally decide to send everything to the broadcast ”. Renzi does not believe at all in the fortuitous recovery by any citizen: “It is in no way credible and imposes, given the gravity of the incident and the abstract possible criminal relevance of the interception and perhaps even stalking conducts against Renzi, an in-depth analysis by the judicial authority “.

Furthermore, the complaint states that “it is possible that Renzi has been followed and/or someone has violated the Constitution and the law by illegitimately intercepting and reprimanding a parliamentarian of the Republic. The episode may not be a fortuitous revival by an ordinary citizen, but rather a carefully orchestrated story. The images broadcast by Report and the contradictory story of the self-styled author of these shots could therefore reveal a fact that constitutes a serious violation of Renzi’s rights and in particular of his confidentiality “.

In the last few days, Matteo Salvini had taken the defense of the leader of Italia Viva: “I have met dozens of secret service exponents, not on the motorway restaurant, but to talk about immigration, national security, companies, made in Italy ”, Salvini had said.

The secretary of the Carroccio does not clarify whether he participated in such summits when he was minister of the interior or as party leader, but adds: “It seems absolutely normal to me, then one can meet them in a motorway restaurant or in his office, I do not think nothing special. When I meet them, I speak of national security, not politics ”.

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