Finnish intelligence says Russia is ready to use troops in Europe

Finnish intelligence says Russia is ready to use troops in Europe

The Ministry of Defense of for the first time published data on the activities of the country’s military intelligence.

The document pays special attention to Russia. In particular, it is noted that “Moscow has demonstrated its ability and readiness to use, where necessary, including Europe, armed forces to achieve its goals.”

The general state of affairs in the region was called the “renaissance of power politics”. The report claims that both and have deployed powerful and technologically advanced weapons systems in Finland’s neighboring areas, as well as improved the combat readiness and force projection capabilities of their armed forces.

Earlier, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Russian Armed Forces should be prepared for the fact that military exercises will go according to the scenario of “unfavorable development”. According to him, the Russian military needs to prepare for a rapid response, since the situation in the areas of the Defender Europe exercises can develop unpredictably. In this regard, the Minister gave the order to closely monitor the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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  1. Want to stay informed. As a veteran I served in Europe prior to walls falling down. We don’t need another war!!

  2. I worry about Europe served their as a veteran in NATO before the walls fell.

  3. I have no trust of Putin. He would be in Ukraine now if it were not for NATO,

  4. Am I the only one who sees Putin running the old nazi revachist playbook here? First he destroys a fledgling democratic system from the inside, and turns it into a police state. He challenges the west by seizing former USSR territory in the Crimea (Rhienland) and right now is pressuring a neighbor, the Ukraine (Czhechoslovkia) with military and political force to cede them more land (sudetenland). Now he’s rattling sabers to show his willingness to fight. This won’t end well until the west stands up to him.

  5. Putin is all about restoring the soviet empire. I’m sorry to say, no one is Europe or America really has stomach to stop him, and are too busy with their own problems to care. They want to spend money on bread not weapons. But Russia is in slow motion collapse as well so interesting to see what happens.

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