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Johnny Depp complained about the boycott in Hollywood

Johnny Depp complained about the boycott in Hollywood

American actor Johnny Depp has complained about the boycott in Hollywood after his scandalous divorce from Amber Heard and numerous court hearings.

He admitted that the attitude of Hollywood producers to him has changed a lot.

And the historical film The Great, where Johnny Depp played the lead role, has not yet received a date for the American premiere, reports by The Sunday Times.

— There are films that touch people. It’s about the movie The Great One and people who have experienced something like that. And why is Hollywood boycotting me? Am I the only person, an actor who got into an unpleasant and confusing situation in the last few years? — Johnny Depp noted.

The actor hinted that this is because of domestic violence allegations made against him by his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.

Speaking about the trial with her, the actor stressed that he “needs to move on and shed some light on some things.”

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got married in 2015, but a year and a half later their marriage fell apart. The actress accused her husband of physical abuse and got in court to prohibit him from coming closer than 90 meters to her.

Depp was also ordered to pay $7 million to the actress. After the breakup, Amber Heard wrote an article for The Washington Post column in which she called herself “a victim of domestic violence.”

In response, Depp filed a lawsuit seeking $50 million in libel damages but lost the case.

And in 2020, Johnny Depp was defeated in defamation court against the American tabloid The Sun.

He tried to appeal the court’s decision, in which the American publisher called him a man who beats his wife.

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