Afghan president fled the country with money

Afghan president fled the country with money

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country with cars full of money. The sums were so large that they did not fit into a helicopter. Some money was left at the airport.

On August 15 militants of the radical Taliban movement entered the capital Kabul and declared that they had the territory of Afghanistan under their control. Within a couple of weeks, the Taliban managed to take over most parts of the country, in the morning of August 15 they controlled all the frontier posts of the Islamic republic.

President Ashraf Ghani immediately left the country, explaining this by his desire to avoid bloodshed. According to some reports, the politician went to Uzbekistan with his wife Rula and two advisors. This information was also confirmed by Ghani’s personal guard. Previously, various sources reported that the president flew to Oman or Tajikistan.

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