Italy tightens COVID passport requirements

Italy tightens COVID passport requirements

Teachers, professors, and students of Italian universities in the future must be vaccinated, tested, or provide proof of recovery from COVID-19.

Reported by DPA.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Thursday night that starting the new school year in September, they will have to submit relevant evidence for training.

The government decided that if teachers do not present evidence, they will be suspended from work after five days.

In addition, the so-called “green passport”, which proves vaccination, testing, or recovery, will also be valid on trains and long-distance buses, ferries, or flights from September.

In Italy, the number of new coronavirus infections has increased again recently, but not significantly.

Beginning Friday, a Green Passport is required for indoor dining, museum, pool, or spa. This also applies to outdoor cultural or sports events or sports halls. The rule applies to people over 12 years old.

In Italy, getting the first dose of the is enough to obtain a passport. Recovered are people who have had no more than six months ago.

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