Greece fights 56 active wildfires

Greece fights 56 active wildfires

The head of the Greek civil protection service, Nikos Gardalias, said that 56 firefronts are now active in different parts of the country.

This is reported by Ekathimerini.

The fire north of Athens has crossed both sides of the national road to Lamia and threatens villages and towns on the eastern slopes of Mount Parnitha, he said.

“The fire has passed Lake Marathon and is moving very fast,” said Nikos Gardalias.

“We are working hard,” he added, warning that winds in Attica will pick up speeds of up to six on the Beaufort scale in the next few hours, which is even more dangerous.

Regarding a fire near Ancient Olympia in the Ilia region of the Peloponnese, Gardalias said 32 villages and communities have been evacuated and more than 300 firefighters are fighting the fire.

He also described the ongoing fire in northern Euboea as having grown to “dangerous proportions,” stating that the main fronts had disintegrated and diverged in different directions over uneven terrain.

More than 240 firefighters have been dispatched to Euboea, Gardalas said, adding that air support is also en route.

As reported, residents of the village of Lasdikas in the western part of the Peloponnese peninsula near Olympia refused to evacuate due to fires and remained to help in the fight against the fire.

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