It is strange that are not “Russian hackers”. In Russia, they evaluated the version of the fall of Biden

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova jokingly spoke about the incident with US President Joe Biden, who tripped and nearly fell three times while climbing the plane.

“The fall of Biden on the ladder of the presidential plane was simply explained.” It’s very windy on the street, “said Karin Jean-Pierre, a White House spokesman.

It is strange that not “Russian hackers”, but just the wind, “Zakharova jokingly spoke on her page.

Previously, footage of the incident with the American leader was posted on the Web by journalists from the presidential pool. They show how Biden quickly climbs the plane’s ladder, but at some point, he stumbles. As a result, the President of the United States stumbled three times and nearly fell for the last time, but was able to get up and get on the plane without assistance.

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