Boris Johnson was vaccinated with AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine

Following his French counterpart Jean Castex, who today took the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, British Prime Minister was also given a dose of the drug.

He announced this on the evening of March 19 on his Twitter.

“I just received my first dose of Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine,” the prime minister wrote, posting a picture from a hospital chair.

Johnson expressed his gratitude to all the scientists, NHS staff, and volunteers who made vaccination possible in Britain.

He called getting the COVID-19  “the best thing to do to get back to the life we missed so much.”

“Let’s get vaccinated,” the head of the British government called on.

Recall that last year, was ill with COVID-19 — the coronavirus disease was difficult, the policy even had to be connected to a ventilator. But he could not fail to be vaccinated.

Earlier this month, the from AstraZeneca got into a scandal — after a number of deaths among immunized people, the drug was suspected of provoking thrombosis, which is why a number of countries suspended its use.

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