In the Netherlands, quarantine opponents smash shops and cars

In the Netherlands, after the authorities made a decision to extend a tough  in many cities, people began to protest, which escalated into ransacking stores and smashing other people’s cars.

A lot of videos have appeared on the Web, showing how people smash shop windows and cars, and also arrange explosions and arson.

In addition to Amsterdam, protests that escalated into covered such cities as Eindhoven, Venlo, Hauge, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Urk. As a result, the police used water cannons, batons, and tear gas and detained several dozen people.

But the actions of the police only inflamed the protesters, and by the evening pogroms and vandalism began. For example, in Eindhoven, protesters began setting fire to cars and looting shops.

In Urk, near Amsterdam, protesters set fire to a mobile center for rapid testing of citizens for COVID-19, and police officers who arrived at the scene were pelted with glass bottles and fireworks.

As a reminder, these are not the first anti- protests in the Netherlands. Last Sunday, January 17, hundreds of people protested in Amsterdam’s Museum Square against quarantine restrictions and government action in the wake of the pandemic. Then the rally also turned into clashes with the police, but there was no vandalism.

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