Germany reported the first case of dismissal due to refusal to vaccinate

Care workers for the disabled and the elderly are among the first priority group of citizens of Germany who are entitled to the vaccine.

A company caring for the elderly and the disabled fired seven people who did not get the vaccine. This was announced on Sunday, January 24, by the Bild newspaper.

At the same time, the newspaper emphasizes that vaccination is carried out on a voluntary basis in Germany, and this is the first time that workers were fired due to refusal to get vaccinated against infection.

“The company for the care of the elderly belongs to Rene Wilmer — it was he who made the decision to lay off. Before that, the owner of the company gave the employees two days to make a decision on vaccinations. However, they refused,” — says the newspaper.

Three workers refused to receive the vaccine, four more could not decide on the date specified by the head. Ultimately Wilmer fired them all.

“I do everything to protect our patients. It is my moral duty,” he explained his actions.

According to the publication, soon Wilmer began to receive threats from opponents of vaccination. The man was threatened with murder.

In Germany, vaccination against  started at the end of December. The country received over 1.3 million doses of from BioNTech and Pfizer at the end of 2020. At the beginning of 2021, supplies of another 4 million doses were planned. Now the terms may be shifted due to the manufacturers’ reports of delays in deliveries.

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