In The Hague, sex workers protest against restrictions on their work

On Tuesday, a protest was held in The Hague by sex workers who opposed the government’s decision not to allow them to resume their work.

This is reported by publication Het Parool.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said earlier on Tuesday that sex workers are unable to resume work because it is more difficult for them to comply with measures. In addition, researching sources and customer contacts would be difficult, as “three-quarters” give a different name: “People refuse to give their name, I understand all this. It is also more difficult to require registration in this sector. “

At the same time, representatives of the sex industry themselves call this approach wrong. According to them, sex workers independently register their clients.

Sex workers came to the House of Representatives in The Hague with a homemade peep show on wheels.

De Jonge said on Tuesday morning that he didn’t think there was anything sex workers could do to change the cabinet’s decision: “It’s just not possible to do it by its nature safely.”

Sex workers are upset that they are banned from working, while other “contact professions” such as hairdressers, beauty salons, and massage therapists have been allowed to resume their activities since Wednesday.

The woman, who uses the name Moira Mona, said she is a dominatrix and can work further for her clients than a hairdresser.

“I can hurt people from afar, and I have whips that are longer than a pair of bangs. So I’ll be fine, “ she said.

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