Germany plans to extend lockdown until Easter

German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposes to extend the nationwide until Easter, that is, until the end of March.

This follows from the draft resolution presented before Merkel’s meeting with the prime ministers of the federal states, Bild reports.

According to the proposal, which will be discussed on Wednesday, the is proposed to be extended until March 28.

However, as early as Monday, March 8, less strict restrictions on contacts should begin to operate. Meetings will be allowed for a maximum of five people from two households, excluding children under 14 years of age. Currently, a maximum of two people is allowed to meet.

There will also be flower and bookstores, garden centers, tattoo and manicure parlors, and massage parlors in all federal states. But the requirement for one client is 20 square meters.

Merkel and the land leaders will have to decide at what 7-day disease rates per 100,000 inhabitants the measures can be strengthened or mitigated. The document mentions 35 and 50 infections of two possible variants.

With Easter approaching, the draft also calls on Germans to avoid travel domestically and abroad, adding, however, that family visits will be restricted on holidays.

Recall that on March 1, hairdressing salons reopened in after being closed due to  for two and a half months.

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