In Slovenia, due to the pandemic, a ban on movement between cities was introduced

In Slovenia, due to the pandemic, a ban on movement between cities was introduced

Prior to that, more than 1,500 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded daily in the country for five days in a row.

The Slovenian government decided to impose restrictions on the entry and exit of citizens to all settlements of the country. The new quarantine measures will take effect starting Tuesday. This was reported on Monday, October 26 by the RTV Slovenija TV channel.

According to the TV channel, the ban is imposed on movement between municipalities. Exceptions will be made for those who need to travel to work. In addition, it will be allowed to travel to another municipality to take care of relatives, when transiting through Slovenia, to access foreign embassies and consulates, and in other situations. The restrictions will be in effect for a week.

A curfew will be introduced in all localities from 21.00 to 6.00.

“It will be possible to violate it in case of the health hazard, performing urgent work tasks, to access emergency services, as well as when delivering food and medicine,” the channel said.

A ban is also introduced on mass events if more than six people participate in them, including weddings and religious ceremonies.

It is planned to lift quarantine in Slovenia gradually. First of all, in those regions that can take control of the spread of coronavirus.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 24,080 infections have been identified in Slovenia since the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 251 people died.

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