Father’s guardianship prevented Britney Spears from getting married

Against the backdrop of the struggle of 38-year-old for her freedom and release from the guardianship of her father, under whom she has been for 12 years, new details of this story appear in the press now and then. Recently, Britney’s personal makeup artist, Maxi, became a guest of the podcast on YouTube channel Calababes and shared his vision of the situation related to the custody of the star.

He stated that if it were not for the total control of her father not only over Britney’s finances but also over her personal life, the singer would probably have already been married to her 26-year-old boyfriend Sam Asgari and would have raised a common child with him.

I can tell you that her guardians still control her to this day on a number of issues: whether to give birth to a child, whether to get married or make new friends. All this seems to be reminiscent of the television series “The Handmaid’s Tale” when we talk about Britney’s inability to give birth to a child … I can’t talk about it in detail, but I’ll say for sure: if it weren’t for the guardianship, by this time she would have already raised another baby. She would most likely be married to Sam Asgari, and also gather whole crowds of friends around her,

— said Maxi.

The star’s makeup artist clarified that all the information he shares he once learned from family conversations in the presence of Britney. Maxi clarified that Sam also does not have the right to talk a lot about his relationship with Spears because of the nondisclosure agreement he signed with the singer’s relatives. Makeup artist Spears admitted that at the beginning of his relationship with the star Asgari faced a very cold attitude towards himself from her father James Spears and went through a lot to still be with Britney.

At the time, she was under a tight guardianship, which was mainly controlled by her father James, but even then she managed to attract Sam. Sam went through James’ hell to be with Britney

— shared Maxi.

Recall that and Sam Asgari started dating in 2016. Britney was previously married to dancer Kevin Federline: their marriage lasted from 2004 to 2006. During this time, the couple had two sons, Sean and Jaden, the custody of whom has now been transferred to Kevin.

Since 2008, the singer has been under the care of her father due to a nervous breakdown. Last year, due to the deterioration of his health, James Spears was forced to transfer custody to the singer’s personal assistant, Jody Montgomery. And now Spears, along with a team of lawyers, is doing everything possible to ensure that her father never regains custody of her.

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