In Germany, quarantine may be extended until spring

A partial lockdown in Germany could last until next spring.

This was stated by the Minister of Economy of Germany Peter Altmeier, writes Reuters.

According to him, the government will resort to such a step if the country cannot take control of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have three or four long winter months ahead. It is possible that restrictions will remain in the first months of 2021,” the head of the Ministry of Economy said.

Earlier, the German government decided to extend quarantine restrictions in the country until early January 2021, and also tightened some rules of the previously introduced so-called soft lockdown.

Recall that the Bulgarian government has also tightened quarantine restrictions due to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection. New restrictions due to COVID-19 have been introduced in Latvia as well.

We also wrote that Britain will ease the quarantine on Christmas, despite the disappointing COVID-19 forecasts. And after December 28, the country will again return to a tough lockdown.

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