Halle Berry ridiculed rumors of her frigidity

While some celebrities are so tired of rumors about themselves that they simply ignore the speculation of reporters and the public, others are always ready to stand up for themselves. Halle Berry, 54, is among the latter. The other day, the actress replaced the host of the podcast Cocktails with Queens Lisa Rae McCoy.

McCoy, in a conversation with her, co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox and Selina Johnson, allowed herself an offensive comment about Berry. The hosts discussed the singer Toni Braxton and mentioned that at one time she dated very attractive men.

We don’t know what was going on in the bedroom. Maybe she’s like Halle Berry

— noted McCoy, hinting that the actress is bad in bed.

Holly’s reaction was not long in coming. The actress responded directly to Lisa Rae on Twitter.

Ask my boyfriend, he’ll tell you everything you need to know

— turned to the leading actress.

Recall that now Berry is dating a 50-year-old musician and singer Van Hunt, and, according to insiders, their relationship is full of passion, and the “chemistry” between lovers is simply impossible not to notice.

Her fans also stood up to protect Berry, who attacked the presenter’s Twitter, so she was eventually forced to apologize.

I repeated the gossip and it was ugly. The words are taken out of context, I did not mean anything bad. I like Holly

McCoy said.

In a short time, this is the second time that Berry’s sexuality has been in the spotlight. So, recently she herself, together with her friend Lindsay Flores, answered several frank questions for a video on Instagram.

I remember my first orgasm … I gave myself this pleasure. I was 11 years old. I explored my sexuality like most girls

— said Holly, but the actress chose not to answer the question about “the craziest sexual antics”.

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