In China, an ancient city was covered by a sandstorm

In China, an ancient city was covered by a sandstorm

The Chinese city of Dunhuang, located near the Gobi Desert, was covered by a hundred-meter sand wave. This is reported by South China Morning Post.

“I didn’t see the sun anymore<…> At first there was yellow dust around me from a sandstorm, then it turned red, and then finally black,” a local resident told the Chinese newspaper Jimu News.

Dunhuang is a small (about 180 thousand inhabitants) city in Gansu province. In ancient times, Dunhuang served as a gateway to for traders coming to the country along the Great Silk Road. Near the city, there is a Buddhist cave temple complex Magao built in the IV century.

Sandstorms are a natural phenomenon that is not uncommon for Gansu. Most often, clouds of dust and sand envelop this area in the spring.

Earlier, in the US state of Utah, 7 people were killed in major accident-20 cars — due to a dust storm.

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