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In an elite unit of the German army, a new scandal with the theft of weapons

Germany’s military ombudsman Eva Hogl is demanding a full into the allegations against members of the Bundeswehr’s elite unit, which has repeatedly been caught up in scandals over right-wing extremism in its ranks in recent years.

This is reported by DPA.

We are talking about the KSK special operations forces unit, which in June 2020 decided to partially disband after scandals over the far-right views of military personnel and the appropriation of weapons.

In January 2020, military intelligence said it suspected more than 500 Bundeswehr soldiers of being committed to the far-right.

Now Hogl demands to investigate the information that a soldier, who acquired the weapon, offered Amnesty.

“The reform process has begun. The information about the “amnesty” for the possession of weapons and ammunition in KSK puts a significant burden on the whole process, “ said Hogl.

It demanded “ clarification of all the facts and absolute transparency.”

The announcement led to speculation that the unit’s commander, Markus Kreitmaer, who has led the reforms so far, could be dismissed.

He is accused of promising the soldiers not to take any action against them if they returned the weapons they had appropriated or possibly stolen. It remains unclear when the German Defense Ministry learned about this.

About a month ago, a KSK soldier was put on trial after a large number of weapons were found hidden in his garden in the eastern German city of Kolm.

The KSK unit performs special missions of strategic interest to Germany, such as the release of German hostages in zones and the detention of terrorists.

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