Hackers hacked Clubhouse and “leaked” users’ voice messages

The downloaded the voice messages from the Clubhouse and forwarded them to a third-party site. Bloomberg writes about it.

A week after the popular audio chat Clubhouse said it was taking steps to prevent or spies from stealing user data, one attacker proved that the platform’s live audio could be removed.

An unknown user was able to transfer voice messages from Clubhouse to his third-party site.

While Clubhouse is responsible for user experiences such as adding new friends and finding rooms, the platform is left to a Chinese company to handle data and audio product traffic.


“Clubhouse cannot promise the confidentiality of conversations held anywhere in the world,” said Alex Stamos, the former head of at Facebook.

What is Clubhouse

The clubhouse is a new social network based on audio chats. The program was founded by entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth at the beginning of the pandemic. The idea of creating a Clubhouse arose against the background of Covid-19, people needed communication for self-isolation.

The main difference between such a social network from Google meet, and other communication programs are that in the Clubhouse it is impossible to talk through video, to save a recording of a voice chat. That is, people do not need to worry about how they look, what they are doing, and where they are in the course of a discussion, a dialogue on certain topics. And the main thing is that ordinary people can communicate with celebrities, which is almost impossible to do in other applications.

Despite the fact that Clubhouse was launched only last year, the wave of those who want to become a member is very large, especially after the chat with Musk.

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