Germany will open vaccination for everyone from June 7

Germany will open vaccination for everyone from June 7

will cancel the division into priority groups for   at the national level from June 7, reports by the large news.

According to Spiegel, this was announced by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn.

This would mean eliminating criteria such as age, at-risk illnesses, or type of employment. People who do not belong to any of the priority groups will be able to register for and get it at vaccination centers or from a doctor.

Some federal states have already made this decision separately. In addition, the prioritization already does not apply to the AstraZeneca vaccine — it has opened access to all adults.

At the same time, the lands are required to reserve a certain amount of vaccine for people from priority groups.

The Minister noted that the opening of registration from this date does not mean that the registered person will be able to receive an invitation to vaccination in a few days. “We will not be able to vaccinate everyone in June,” warned Jens Spahn.

At the same time, the medical community claims that even now there are more people who want to be vaccinated than there are available doses.

Recall, the German Bundestag on May 6 approved the decree of the government of the country on the rights of those who have been fully vaccinated against or have been ill.

It is planned, in particular, to cancel the curfew and restrictions on social contacts for these categories of persons.

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