British companies are experiencing a shortage of employees

British companies are experiencing a shortage of employees

In the UK, restrictive measures introduced to combat the spread of the  are gradually being lifted. Travel companies, restaurants, bars, and hotels are preparing to reopen. At the same time, they have difficulties with hiring staff.

Many foreign workers have left the country. Their departure was influenced by two factors: the pandemic and Brexit. In the first week of May, the number of job offers jumped 18% to 987,800.

Representatives of British companies said that in the current situation, they can no longer rely on workers who came from other countries. The was able to survive the pandemic with minimal job losses. This was made possible thanks to the Government’s labor market support program.

The study showed that despite the difficulties with hiring staff, British companies are optimistic about the future. In the next 12 months, wages may increase by 1-2%.

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