Germany to allocate €100 million for the COVAX program

Germany to allocate €100 million for the COVAX program

will allocate an additional €100 million for the COVAX  distribution program. This was announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“From our side, we have today promised another €100 million from the budget,” she said.

Merkel said that Germany’s contribution to the program exceeded €1 billion. The chancellor also added that Berlin will provide 30 million doses of the vaccine to poor countries by the end of the year if it receives the promised volumes from drug manufacturers.

In Germany, the  infected 3,643,481 people, of whom 87,192 died, 3,376,100 recovered.

Earlier, German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the third wave of  has been stopped in Germany, and now it is possible to ease the previously adopted restrictions. The German Bundestag also supported the lifting of restrictions for those vaccinated against coronavirus, and Merkel promised to provide a coronavirus vaccine to all citizens of the country by the fall.

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