Black businessman accused McDonald’s of racism and demanded $10 billion

McDonald's accused of discrimination and demand $10 billion in compensation

The corporation is being slammed for never placing ads on sites owned by African-Americans.

The world’s largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s, continues to be plagued by misfortunes. Then the Mexicans boycott American goods, and now the American media company Entertainment Studios Networks and the broadcasting company Weather Group, owned by black media mogul Byron Allen, accused the corporation of discrimination in advertising and demanded $10 billion in compensation.

According to Allen, the corporation never placed ads on their sites but paid for many ads on similar networks owned by whites.

According to the lawsuit, McDonald’s violated federal civil rights laws because of its “racial animosity and racial stereotypes” in distributing advertising dollars.

In response, the corporation said it would increase the share of its advertising budget for companies owned by blacks, Latinos, women, and other groups to 10% over the next four years. Now, this share is 4%.

We also recall that earlier McDonald’s was unable to defend the right to the Big Mac trademark in Europe.

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