German minister called on the EU to dialogue with Russia

According to the position of the Minister for European Affairs in the German Foreign Ministry Michael Roth, the more complicated the relationship with Russia, the clearer the rhetoric should be used by the European Union.

Michael Roth, who holds the post of Minister for European Affairs at the German Foreign Ministry, said that the European Union should conduct a dialogue with the Russian Federation, and not try to distance itself from it in every possible way, even if there are differences in positions and approaches. The corresponding statement by Roth is indicated in an article prepared for the Spiegel publication.

“Despite all the differences between us, or rather precisely because of them, we cannot build walls of silence in our direct with Moscow. The European Union is strategically interested in developing a dialogue with Moscow, ” the minister said in a statement.

In addition, the minister insists that this is not only the relationship with the European Union. He is confident that numerous international challenges can be resolved only through cooperation with the Russian Federation. Roth said that this applies to situations such as, for example, the development of the on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Syria, and Libya, as well as issues of establishing arms control and disarmament at the international level. In addition, this cooperation can extend to the discussion of global problems, for example, climate change and the fight against the epidemic.

The German minister urged “not to soften the corner” and to conduct a conversation with Moscow based on honesty. He stated that the clarity of the rhetoric used by the European Union should depend on the complexity of with Russia. Roth stressed that in building relations with Russia, Europe needs to adhere to the position of “a united and decisive front”.

Earlier it was reported that the proposed to seek a balance in the process of building with Russia.

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