Emmanuel Macron criticized UK foreign policy

Under the terms of the Brexit deal, left the single market and the EU customs union, but the parties will continue to trade freely without duties and quotas.

Emmanuel Macron, who heads France, suggested that the British authorities determine for themselves the exact circle of their closest allies, specifying that the kingdom cannot simultaneously build close with the United States, the European Union, and be a “new Singapore”.

“She (UK) has to choose a model. If she decides on a completely transatlantic policy, then we (the European Union) will need clarification, ” Macron said in an interview with the Guardian.

In addition, the president noted that trying to be “half pregnant” is an unrealizable concept.

In addition, the French President expressed the hope that allied will be preserved between his country and Britain. He argued this by the commonality of history and geography, noting that the fate of the British people is not very different from the French.

The French president shared that quite often it turns out that he is called the person who is unfairly blamed for the differences between Great and the European Union.

“I ask:” Why me? “ Perhaps they portray me more important than I am, ” the French president answered jokingly.

Recall that on January 1, the transition period for Brexit was fully completed between and the European Union. It was on this day that an agreement began to operate, prescribing the rules for further trade and cooperation between the parties. Britain left the EU after 47 years of community membership. It took her 4.5 years to fully exit from the date of the Brexit referendum.

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