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Finland’s prime minister spent 850 euros a month to pay for breakfast

Finland's prime minister spent 850 euros a month to pay for breakfast

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s family spends more budget money on meals than previously reported, writes

According to the newspaper Iltalehti, the amount of benefits is not 300 euros a month, but 850 euros, reported Yle.

According to Sanna Marin, in addition to breakfast, these funds were purchased and cold dishes.

On Saturday, Marin said she would pay for the cost of the breakfast allowance herself. Meals are provided to the prime minister’s family on the days they spend the night at the official Kesyaranta residence.

The Prime Minister’s Office clarifies with the tax department how the breakfast paid for out of public funds is treated from a taxpayer’s perspective. “The prime minister wants to pay breakfast expenses for 2020 and 2021, but the details should be cleared with the tax department first,” Marin’s office said.

On Friday, Helsinki police said they were launching an investigative inquiry into the prime minister’s food reimbursements. The inspection is to find out whether there is reason to suspect that an official or other type of crime has been committed in relation to the Prime Minister’s meal payments.

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