“Black fungus” is gradually spreading around the world

“Black fungus” is gradually spreading around the world

The diagnosis was confirmed in six men who had previously been ill with , two of them died

In , six cases of infection with the so-called black fungus (mucormycosis), an outbreak of which was previously recorded in , have already been recorded, two of the patients died.

This was announced by the speaker of the Department of Health of Iraq, Dhi-Kar Ammar Al-Zamili, reports Rudaw.

“Cases of black fungus occur as a result of complications after the  due to weakened immunity,” he said.

The first fatal case was recorded in the city of Nasiriya, the relatives learned from the death certificate that the 51-year-old deceased had “black fungus”.

The same diagnosis was confirmed in five more people, all of them men who had previously been ill with COVID-19, four of them are now being treated, and one died.

Recall that in India, due to the outbreak of “black fungus”, which is allegedly caused by drugs from COVID-19, the number of people infected with this rare disease — mucormycosis-is approaching nine thousand.

We also wrote that the mortality rate from mucormycosis in India is about 50%, and almost the only way to treat it is to remove the eyes.

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