DHL plane opens cargo hatch at 1600 meters after departure from Leipzig

The cargo plane Boeing 757-200 of the logistics company DHL almost immediately after takeoff from Leipzig was forced to return due to the fact that its cargo door opened in the air.

Reported by Bild.

“We can confirm that there were technical problems in the cargo door area on the DHL Air shortly after takeoff in Leipzig / Halle on the way to Frankfurt,” said a DHL spokesman.

The incident took place on Saturday. A spokesman for the Federal Aircraft Accident Agency confirmed that the Boeing 757 aircraft turned at 5,300 feet (approximately 1,600 meters) and landed safely again after the cargo doors were opened during the flight.

The plane, which was produced almost 30 years ago and was previously used as a passenger plane, was examined by specialists who found a “serious malfunction”.

It is noted that no one on board was injured, and the cargo did not fall from the plane.

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