“Dancing Millionaire” Gianluca Vacca became a father

"Dancing Millionaire" Gianluca Vacca became a father

Yesterday, Gianluca and his beloved shared a video where they were dancing in the hospital, and after a few hours, the woman started giving birth.

Vacca supported the chosen one while waiting in the hospital. “In the delivery room, they are trying to help her get out, but I’m starting to think that she doesn’t want to see me,” the businessman noted with humor on his blog.

Gianluca and Shrine began dating three years ago, then the man admitted that he was not ready for fatherhood yet, but over time he changed his mind. The delivery was reported to have gone without complications. So far, the newly minted parents have not shown the heiress to the fans.

By the way, earlier the media reported that the “wealth” of Vacca was nothing but “dust in the eyes”, but in fact, the businessman has long been mired in debt. However, the “dancing millionaire” himself does not comment on these rumors.

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