Coronavirus found in ice cream in China

A shipment of ice cream was seized. Components for its production were imported from New Zealand and Ukraine.

Traces of were found in a batch of ice cream in the Chinese municipality of Tianjin. Company-producer Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company imported milk powder from New Zealand and whey powder from Ukraine writes Sky News.

The entire batch was withdrawn from sale. More than 1.5 thousand employees of the company have been placed in and tested.

University of Leeds virologist Dr. Stephen Griffin suggests that this is a “one-time” phenomenon and advises not to panic.

“It was probably coming from an individual, and without knowing the details, I think it’s probably a one-time occurrence … There’s a possibility that it’s the result of a problem in the manufacturing plant and possibly a hygiene problem in the plant,” he said.

Authorities recommended that residents who bought the product report their health.

We also wrote that China built a COVID hospital for 1,500 rooms in five days. Each ward is equipped with a good ventilation system, has Internet access, and a separate bathroom.

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