Armin Laschet became Merkel’s new successor

A new successor of Angela Merkel was elected in as the new chairman of the Christian Democratic Union. He became prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet.

Several candidates participated in the election campaign, including the former head of the parliamentary faction Friedrich Merz and the head of the Bundestag Committee on Foreign Policy Norbert Rettgen.

Earlier, at the CDU delegates’ congress, Laschet said he would not allow right-wing terrorists to foment and unrest in Germany. He recalled last year’s events when protests broke out in Berlin because of restrictions on the  imposed by the authorities. According to him, then people among whom there were representatives of right-wing extremism, tried to break into the parliament building.

In conclusion, Laschet called on to protect itself against all manifestations of hatred.

On December 31 it became known that Merkel congratulated the citizens with the New Year holidays for the last time. According to her, she is no longer going to claim the post of Chancellor of Germany. She took it on November 22, 2005, becoming the first woman chancellor. A new successor to the post will be elected in the fall.

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