Cindy Crawford, 55, showed off her swimsuit figure while on vacation

Cindy Crawford, 55, showed off her swimsuit figure while on vacation

American supermodel Cindy Crawford was photographed in a bathing suit during a beach vacation and shared the image with her fans on social media. The corresponding shot appeared on her Instagram account.

The 55-year-old celebrity showed off her figure while lying by the pool against a backdrop of the ocean and sun loungers. She’s wearing a black asymmetrical cut bathing suit. On Brigitte’s official website, the set is priced at £205.

“By the pool. Getting drunk on this…” — Crawford signed the post, which got more than 74,000 likes.

Fans appreciated the model’s appearance in comments to the publication. “Absolutely stunning”, “Beautiful both mind and body”, “Natural beauty and no filters”, “Top model forever”, they wrote in the comments.

In May, Cindy Crawford took part in a candid photoshoot for the Brazilian version of fashion magazine Vogue. In the images published in the network, she was captured full-length in a set of lingerie with decorative elements of Italian luxury brand Versace, wearing high-heeled shoes and a dark veil on her head. Others show her in a tight-fitting black bodysuit, as well as a leather corset and pants of the same brand.

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