Chinese lunar rover has discovered a strange monolith on the surface of the moon

The network has information about an extremely unusual find of the Chinese lunar rover. As it turned out, he managed to find a very strange monolith on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite. Scientists already have several versions about the origins of its appearance.

So, according to one version, a piece of stone appeared on the surface recently as a result of the split of the rock from the impact of a meteorite, writes .com. To call the reason for its appearance youth is an extremely logical move. After all, if the monolith were older, it would have long been wetted as a result of many processes occurring on the surface of the moon.

To test the basic theory, the scientists intend to bring the lunar rover close and use the VIMS spectrometer. With its help, experts will be able to determine the composition of the material. And if the researchers find out that the rock got on the satellite from the outside, then they will have a new goal — to look around in the area and try to understand where it came from.

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