Eva Mendes admitted that she does not get out of her dressing gown all-day

Self-isolation has become a real challenge for all of us — not to mention those who have quarantined young children. Among them was Eva Mendes. In her Instagram, the 46-year-old actress admitted that she is so busy with household chores that she does not even have time to change her clothes.

“I completely went into mom mode,” Eva shares. — I used to wear my husband’s sweatpants, now I don’t take off my robe all day. But I don’t care. The kids get all my attention. Of course, it’s not easy, but they need me now more than ever.”

Recall that Eva has been living with actor Ryan Gosling for almost ten years. They have two daughters, Esmeralda, six, and Amanda, four, who keep them busy in quarantine. “Sometimes we felt like we were having some kind of sleepover with very drunk and aggressive guests,” Eva joked. — We really feel like hotel employees with angry and overbearing guests who constantly demand that food be brought to them. And when they go to bed, all we have to do is clean up and discuss how the guests treated us that day!»

Earlier, the actress said that after a long break, she does not rule out the possibility of returning to the big screen. The last film with the participation of Mendes was the picture “How to catch a monster”, released in 2014. In the same year, Eva became a mother for the first time: she decided to devote herself to the family and stopped acting in films.

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