Biden offered to pay Americans $1,400 each

U.S. President-elect proposed to pay Americans $1.4 thousand dollars as part of a plan to stimulate the of the country. This is reported by Reuters.

It is noted that this amount will be in addition to the $600, payment of which has already been approved by Congress. Thus, direct payments to taxpayers will reach two thousand dollars per person in December-January and 3.2 thousand dollars from the beginning of the pandemic, notes RIA Novosti.

The total cost of the plan to stimulate the country’s could exceed $1.9 trillion. The package includes $415 billion to support the fight against the coronavirus, about one trillion dollars for direct payments to households, and about $440 billion for payments to small businesses and communities, especially those affected by the pandemic.

Last December, presented a plan to fight the  at a meeting with governors. Specifically, he outlined goals for the first 100 days of the administration: 100 million doses of vaccines for U.S. citizens. Biden also expressed hope that after 100 days, schools would open in the country.

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