A bomb exploded at a coronavirus checkpoint in Myanmar

A bomb exploded at a coronavirus checkpoint in Myanmar

All the victims of the explosion at the COVID-19 vaccination point were taken by medics to a military hospital.

An explosive device exploded at a coronavirus checkpoint in Myanmar’s Mandalay district, killing two people. Two people were killed and at least four people were wounded in the attack. It was reported by the Big News Network on Monday, September 13.

It is specified that the explosion occurred in the settlement of Aunmietazan. The newspaper wrote that an unknown person detonated an explosion on a bench in the lounge of the Citizen Checkpoint at COVID-19, followed by two more explosions.

As a result of the explosion, two civilians and two security personnel were injured. Among the dead was a security officer. The identity of the second casualty has not yet been determined.

All the victims were taken to a military hospital.

Currently, police are still investigating the details and searching for the suspects.

Protests continue in Myanmar following the military coup that placed state power in the hands of armed forces commander-in-chief, General Helaine.

Recall that a military coup took place in Myanmar on the night of February 1 this year. President Minh Win and Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi were taken into custody. After that, mass protests broke out in the country. As of mid-August, the death toll from the military coup reached 1,006 civilians.

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