Xiaomi sues the US Department of Defense

The court of the District of Columbia received a statement of claim from the Chinese company Xiaomi. She accuses the Department of Defense and the US Treasury of the illegal decision to include the company on the “blacklist”.

The US authorities said is collaborating with China’s military organizations. However, no evidence was provided for the validity of this statement in relation to Xiaomi and other Chinese companies.

Xiaomi’s representatives said that the decision of the American authorities is unconstitutional. It seriously damages its activities. American investors cannot buy shares as the company is under sanctions.

Xiaomi’s statement of claim states that the company has no ties with the country’s authorities or any military organizations. It is not under the control of legal entities that cooperate to some extent with the Chinese government or the military-industrial complex.

A number of Chinese companies were previously included in the US blacklist. According to the American authorities, they threaten the US national security.

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