Volkswagen to demand compensation for diesel scandal

The carmaker will seek compensation payments from ex-VW CEO Winterkorn and ex-Audi CEO Stadler. The amount of compensation is still unknown.

German carmaker Volkswagen in connection with the diesel demands compensation from the former head of the concern Martin Winterkorn and the former head of Audi Rupert Stadler. The compensation claims are justified by a violation of the obligations to protect the interests of the concern in accordance with the law on joint-stock companies, the carmaker said on Friday, March 26.

The company explained that the supervisory board of the carmaker has completed an into the causes and responsibility for the diesel scandal, but has not found violations of obligations by other members of the VW board. The amount of compensation required is still unknown.

The VW diesel broke out in September 2015. The carmaker was then forced to admit that some diesel engines were installed with special software that underestimated the indicators for harmful emissions. As a result, VW had to pay multibillion-dollar compensation.

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