Venice is not included in the list of UNESCO sites under threat

Venice is not included in the list of UNESCO sites under threat

Venice was able to avoid being included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites under threat, thanks to the decision to ban the passage of large ships through the historical center of the city. This is reported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Commenting on the decision taken at the 44th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which is being held online in Fuzhou (China), Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini noted that the attention of the world community is now drawn to Venice, where “measures to protect the lagoon and its sustainable development should be guaranteed.”

Earlier, the Italian government decided to ban cruise liners and container ships from passing the water channels of Venice in particular, and the entire water area in general, from August 1. The canals leading to St. Mark’s Square and the Giudecca Canal, which are the key water transport arteries of Venice, were banned. The ban was introduced due to the fact that soon the cultural agency UNESCO will add Venice to the list of” world heritage in danger”.

To introduce these measures, the Italian government was forced by the need to preserve local species and nature from destruction. Instead of the center of Venice, liners and container ships are offered to stop at a terminal that has not yet been built outside the historical center.

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