Vaccination opposition family dies in Portugal

Vaccination opposition family dies in Portugal

Francis Goncalves, a resident of Cardiff, England, lost his mother, father, and brother who refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus — they died after contracting COVID-19. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Francis’ father was 73 years old, his mother was 65 and his brother was 40, all of whom lived in Portugal. The relatives did not want to be vaccinated because they were victims of misinformation spread by an opponent of vaccination.

“They (family members) have been influenced by the anti- propaganda that is going around. This is calculated for people who are afraid, and they fall into the trap,” said Goncalves.

He added that he does not understand people who believe that the authorities have organized a campaign to hurt them.

Francis noted that his mother had serious health problems and his father had recently been hospitalized for kidney stones. He was most shocked by the death of his brother, whom he called “the healthiest in the family.”

Earlier, a COVID dissident who had built a conspiracy theory around vaccines died in Britain.

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