US elections: Trump is ready to peacefully transfer power but on one condition

US President is ready to transfer powers peacefully only if the victory of his opponent is confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Fox News Radio reported.

Trump said that if the Supreme Court declares as president, it will respect the decision and support it.

At the same time, the US President has once again expressed concern about the sending of ballots.

“These ballots are a nightmare,” Trump said.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh Makinani has also previously stated that Trump will accept the results of a free and fair election with dignity.

By the way, Donald Trump hopes that he will win the upcoming presidential . He is confident that there will be no transfer of power.

We also wrote that according to the latest polls, Joe Biden is ahead of Trump by 7%.

Recently, US presidential candidate Joseph Biden said that if he wins the election, he will recall the candidate for the post to the Supreme Court, whom Donald Trump intends to nominate in the near future.

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