US elections: the outcome is not yet clear, but the battle has already begun

US elections: the outcome is not yet clear

Judging by the vote count, Joe Biden is the favorite in the race. So far, he has about three million more votes than Trump on his account — but he does not yet have enough electoral votes. Donald Trump, who declared himself the winner in advance on election day night, has protested the counting of votes in many states. American democracy has been stabbed in the gut, writes the European press.

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We are witnessing the fall of the USA

The fact that Trump proclaims himself the winner in advance is a nail in the coffin of American democracy, Novi list notes with indignation:

“In almost real-time, we can watch the fall of American democracy. Whoever wins in the end, Trump or Biden: The fact that Trump declared victory when just over two-thirds of the vote was counted will remain in history. And that at the same time he announced that he sees deception and stuffing — and will challenge the victory in the Supreme Court. With such a statement, the President of the United States did not at all make America great again, but practically destroyed the first largest democracy in the world. He destroyed everything that America stands for — freedom, democracy, the power of institutions, and processes because with his statement he makes it clear that the result of the will be valid only if it is he who wins them.”

The great country at the bottom of the abyss

Corriere del Ticino editor-in-chief Fabio Pontigia also notes that the election was a testament to the decline of the United States:

“For all those who believe in a liberal democracy, despite all the shortcomings and criticism addressed to it, Trump’s unrepresentability or Biden’s vacuousness serves as a measure of the political decline of a great country and a great democracy. … The candidate selection system is no longer able to nominate individuals of the proper scale, among whom the people could make their choice. Instead, over and over again, we see the United States becoming less and less able to serve as a guideline politically and institutionally. The pre-election struggle between Trump and Biden is the bottom of the abyss”.

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And why is no one indignant?

The world community should have expressed its loud outrage at Trump’s statements made during the vote count, De Volkskrant said:

“It is noteworthy that Trump’s unprecedented insult to American voters and the electoral system caused almost no reaction from the international community. Yes, the Democratic Party of the United States and the “mainstream media” (for example, the CNN TV channel so hated by Trump) expressed their indignation — even Fox News could not hold back their indignation! Usually, the world community shouts loudly ‘Shame!’ When, for example, the presidents of several African countries cling to power, intimidating the people, and making outrageous accusations of electoral fraud. Now it is silent — and this is very significant.”

The system needs updating

American democracy needs a decent shake-up, but it lacks consensus, ” said Alexander Stille, assistant professor of political journalism at Columbia University in New York. In his article for El Pais, he writes:

“Even if the final results of the presidential have not yet been determined, it can be said unequivocally that the American electoral system became the loser in this election. … The US Constitution, the oldest operating constitution of all democracies in the world, is in urgent need of updating. The electoral system is also in need of renewal in order to ensure at least some degree of fairness, uniformity, and legitimacy. However, against the background of the split that reigns in the country, it will be extremely difficult to achieve the necessary political consensus for such significant reforms.”

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