US authorities will not renew the TikTok sale deadline

The US authorities decided not to extend the deadline for the sale of the American segment of the social network TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, Reuters reported, citing informed sources.

The deadline for the deal to sell the US segment expires on Friday, December 4.

According to sources, the American side is considering the possibility of continuing negotiations with the Chinese company, but it was decided not to extend the deadline for the sale.

At the moment, the US Department of Justice and Commerce did not respond to a request for confirmation of this information, the White House and the administration of the social network refused to comment on the information, the agency notes.

The United States administration accuses TikTok of the application being able to transfer data from Americans to the PRC authorities. In this regard, US President in August signed the decrees “On Combating the TikTok Threat” and “On Combating the WeChat Threat”, where he gave a month to terminate any transactions with ByteDance in American jurisdictions. After that, the ban was repeatedly extended due to discussions on the purchase of the application by American companies.

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