US and EU sanctions against Venezuela trigger a crisis in the country — UN

The sanctioned position of the republic has a huge impact on all categories of human rights in the country, the organization noted.

The unilateral restrictive measures introduced by the American government and the European Union against Venezuela had a negative impact on the entire population of the republic. This is stated in the report of the UN representative on the negative impact of on human rights observance Elena Dovgan, published on Friday, February 12.

It is indicated that Dovgan was on a visit to the republic for two weeks. According to her, the led to “an economic and humanitarian crisis, as well as a development with disastrous consequences for the Venezuelan population.”

The speaker noted that the country lacks “the necessary machinery, spare parts, electricity, water, fuel, gas, food and medicine” and there is a shortage of qualified workers.

“This situation has a huge impact on all categories of human rights, including the right to life, food, health, and development,” Dovgan explained.

In this regard, the UN called for the abolition of restrictions against Caracas, since, the representative of the organization recalled, such restrictive measures are considered legal if introduced in response to or by the decision of the UN Security Council.

We will remind, earlier the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said that state funds of the republic for the purchase of vaccines against were frozen as a result of the imposed sanctions.

However, as reported, the administration of the new American leader made the first relaxation of the sanctions regime against Venezuela — it allowed a number of financial transactions for the operation of ports and airports of the republic.

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